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Focus: Case Studies of Portion Balance Innovations

Developing common terminology, creating case studies of industry innovations within the portion balance framework, and sharing research are just some of the ways members of the Portion Balance Coalition are working together to build greater transparency within and across sectors.

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Taco Bell Case Study

Georgetown Business For Impact worked with leaders at Taco Bell to compile a mini-case study on the chain’s implementation of its decision to eliminate extra-large (40 ounce) beverage cups. The case study describes the key players, challenges and lessons involved in the change, while acknowledging how the brand continues to pursue innovative portion balance changes to its menu.

Panera Bread Case Study

This case study describes how Panera Bread employed two different strategic approaches as it effectively balanced its business profitability and customer health and wellness goals. Reducing the sugar levels in its new beverage offerings was fully transparent to its customers, while “stealth health” allowed the chain to improve the calorie and nutrition profile of its bakery goods.