Individual Empowerment

Focus: Consumer Messaging Campaign

In 2019, the PBC conducted consumer research to inform the development of the consumer awareness campaign focused on portions. A design thinking approach is being utilized and included an online consumer panel of sixty millennials providing insights and reacting real-time to concepts developed by our all-star creative team, a partnership between SS+K and Technology, Humans And Taste or THAT.

The creative team interacted with the consumer panel as well as a group of cultural influencers and Portion Balance Coalition members to develop a range of creative concepts. Three concepts were tested in fall 2019 in a quantitative study with 4,700 U.S. adults along with survey questions to establish a baseline of consumer awareness, attitudes, behaviors, and practices about portions. Our partner for the consumer qualitative and quantitative research was Natural Marketing Institute (NMI).

A clear “winning” message was revealed in quantitative testing, leading to an innovative campaign concept that gained widespread enthusiasm from PBC members. In 2020, the PBC developed consensus around the evidence-based content and messages to be highlighted in the campaign. Another round of consumer testing was in the works when the pandemic hit. Focus of the consumer campaign shifted to finding ways to leverage the expertise and experience of the PBC to respond to the increase in food insecurity across the country.