Consumer Experience Mapping

In fall 2018, over 35 representatives from all major sectors participated in GSEI facilitated workshops to co-create consumer experience maps based on four distinct Millennial personas, composite sketches compiled from consumer research and data. Common needs, motivations, behaviors, thought processes, and backgrounds were outlined to make the personas feel like a real person.

Consumer experience maps are valuable tools for inspiring empathy and a shared understanding of the challenges facing various individuals. The exercise was designed to demonstrate the value of having multiple sector voices and perspectives working together to co-create a “day in the life”, which provided a window into the food environment of these millennial personas:

Lucia (age 22) is Hispanic and lives at home with her parents. She has a son aged 5 and works full-time in a retail setting, earning minimum wage.

James and Laura (age 30 and 28) are a non-Hispanic white couple living in an urban setting with a toddler, aged 18 months, and with a second child on the way.  While they both have well-paying jobs, they are challenged by the high cost of living and student loan debt.

Alexis (age 36) is African-American and works part-time, is of moderate income, and has obesity. She was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She is married with two kids, ages 13 and 15, and helps care for her mother who has diabetes.

Marcus (age 24) is African-American and is the first to attend college in his family. He lives in a group house and will be finishing up his last year of school.